On Dec. 18, we'll be retiring DreamVault. Prior to that date, we recommend that you export your inventory from a desktop computer.

What is DreamVault?

DreamVault is an online tool for creating a room-by-room inventory of the items in your home or apartment. Next to photos of each item, you can list their value and additional details that would be helpful should you need to file an insurance claim. Your inventory is always accessible by computer or smart phone – and you can print or email a summary report too.

Do I need an Internet Connection?

You only need an Internet connection when loading your information online. Your inventory remains stored on your smart phone. However, updates to your inventory made outside the smart phone environment, such as from your personal computer, may require manual synchronization to reflect the latest changes you've made.

How do I sync my inventory data?

To synchronize the DreamVault inventory between your smart phone and personal computer, tap the "Sync" button on the application home screen.

What happens when I add new inventory items from my personal computer?

As long as you have an Internet connection, the DreamVault application on your smart phone will find and display the new information.

How do I generate an inventory?

From the inventory view, tap the "Add Item" button. If you already have items in your inventory, the button will be labeled "Add New Item."

How do I add an item to my inventory?

From the inventory view, tap the “Add Item” button. If you already have items in your inventory, the button will be labeled "Add New Item."

How do I delete items from my inventory?

From the inventory view, tap the checkbox corresponding to the item you want to delete, and then the "Delete" button atop the screen.

How do I generate a report?

You may generate a report with as little as a single item in your inventory. Tap the "Back" button to go back to the inventory view and then the "Generate Report from the List Above" button at the bottom. This report may be viewed immediately in CSV or PDF formats, or later under the Reports tab, where you'll also find a list of other reports you've generated.

Do I need a separate PDF generator?

If using the DreamVault application on your smart phone, you will not need a separate PDF generator. When accessing the application from your desktop, though, you will need a PDF reader to open the reports you generate. If you do not have a PDF reader, you may download one for free from the Adobe Systems, Inc. website.

Can I email the report?

To send a single or multiple reports by email, go to the reports view, tap the report(s) you want to send and follow the commands.

What is stored in the inventory?

Any details you provide on your belongings become part of your inventory.

What is displayed in the reports?

Reports display the items in your inventory. By applying filters, you can determine which details are included in reports.

Why should I create a personal DreamVault account?

Creating your own DreamVault account allows you to use the tool to its full potential. While guest account allows you to inventory up to 25 items, your own account allows an unlimited inventory.

Where is my inventory stored?

Your inventory is stored on your smart phone until it is pushed out to secure "cloud-computing storage," where it can be accessed by mobile and desktop devices.

What does "the cloud" refer to?

This term refers to resources available from just about any Internet-connected device. This includes storage applications and services hosted and run over the Internet.

How safe is my inventory information?

Your DreamVault inventory is secured by 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption – the highest level of online protection possible for financial or confidential transactions. This is the most commonly used encryption for Internet credit card transactions.

Where do I go for technical support?

To request technical support for the DreamVault, email We'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

What phone number can I use to inquire more about American Family Insurance or American Family Insurance products and services?

You may use the following toll free number to contact us: 1-800-MYAMFAM (1-800-692-6326).

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